Body Treatments

Massage is used to maintain physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the build up of stress and tension in the muscles from every day use. We use three massage techniques – Swedish massage, Monu Aroma Candle Massage and Lava Shell Massage. Choose your Massage from menu below.

  • Swedish Massage uses massage techniques specifically aimed to relax your muscles as the main purpose is to increase oxygen flow to the muscles and aid the body to remove the build up of toxins.
  • Monu Aroma Candle Massage uses the same massage techniques as the Swedish massage but is available in a selection of specially blended oils from the Monu skincare range to encourage a sense of Relaxation, Reviving or Rejuvenating massage the choice is yours. The selected candle is lit and oil from the candle is then applied for massage.
  • Lava Shell Upper Body Massage has all the benefits of a traditional massage with the added heat treatment which helps the massage penetrate ten times more effectively into deep muscle tissue and relieve any tension and pain held there. A lava shell massage at the Beauty Box offers a wonderful twist on a standard massage; the heat therapy warms you through to your bones and the essential oils calm mind and spirit as the smooth shells massage all your aches and stresses away.
  • Lava Glacial Detox Massage uses two chilled Glacial Shells and one heated Lava Shell to massage the legs and stomach using long flowing movements. The combination of hot and cold pressure on sensory points aids the breakdown of fatty tissues, stimulates circulation and moves uncomfortable build-up in the digestive system. Water retention is vanished leaving you feeling less bloated and with a flatter stomach almost instantly.lava shell taster treatment invite - green_Page_1




BareMinerals Tan

In salon we use BareMinerals Lotion tan which is both moisturising and hydrating. This proves to be a relaxing treatment. For best results please read pre and after care advice below.

Prior to Treatment

To get the best from your tan exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly prior to having the treatment.

This will give a smoother surface for the therapist to apply the tan. Pay particular attention to the lower half of your legs, knees, ankles, top of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles, however, do not apply a moisturiser after your last shower or bath before your tan.

If you are shaving or waxing, please ensure you do this at least 8 hours before salon application. A much better result will be achieved and the tan will last longer.

After Treatment

For best results leave the tan on the skin overnight – if possible try to leave 8 hours before having your post tan shower.

To maximise how long your tan will last gently exfoliate with Monu scrub,  every 2-3 days as the tan starts to fade and use the Monu Enriched Body Cream both available in salon as it will help to prolong the life of the tan.